Dinosaur Jr. by Dinosaur Jr. is the first official book to tell the story of the band, by the band. It is filled with loads of rare and unseen images, including pics from the band’s families, friends, and photographers who have been around since even before Deep Wound and Mogo. There’s a ton of fantastic visual ephemera, including whacked pics of Lou and Murph as kids, J with short hair and High School yearbook poses (guess who was voted ‘Most Optimistic’?).

The text of Dinosaur Jr. by Dinosaur Jr. is made up of new interviews exclusive to the book, with J, Lou and Murph candidly telling their side of the story, along with former members Mike Johnson and George Berz, and long-time friends of the band. This is their story, told in all its weirdness and warped beauty by the people who were there.

Dinosaur Jr. by Dinosaur Jr., published by Rocket 88 Books is available exclusively from dinosaurjrbook.com, and will be delivered in November. Along with the full-color, hardback “Classic Edition”— which comes on heavy-weight paper with art by Marq Spusta, wrapped in purple cloth with foil details– an expanded, limited “Signature Edition” will be available. It includes the addition of a detailed tour diary kept from 1987-1988 by the band’s roadie Jon Fetler, who also took behind-the-scenes candid photos. The “Signature Edition” comes in a clamshell box with three art prints, and the set is signed by the band.

Visit dinosaurjrbook.com for details and to preorder now.

Dinosaur Jr. official book trailer from Rocket 88 on Vimeo.