Spin.com premiered the new video today from Dinosaur Jr. Pierce The Morning Rain answers the question of what happens  when you shake up the typical American, suburban lifestyle with dB drag racing. Pierce The Morning Rain was directed by Emmy-winning comedy writer and director Scott Jacobson, he’s of Bob’s Burgers, The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live and awesome music videos. The video stars actor James Urbaniak (Homeland, The Venture Brothers) and comedian Maria Bamford as the couple whose lives become transformed by playing Dinosaur Jr. as loudly as the current technology allows. The video also includes an appearance from Henry Rollins.

J Mascis will appear in an upcoming episode of IFC’s Portlandia. The episode will air Friday, January 25th at 10pm ET/CT on IFC.

J. Mascis & Carrie B.

J Mascis and Carrie Brownstein by Ray Gordon